VEGA Summer Update

Harriet MacMillan

Following a very successful June National Guidance and Implementation (NGIC) Committee meeting in Ottawa, VEGA has been moving ahead with next steps including:

  1. An online survey to gather information from NGIC members about educational websites, professional development and certification;
  2. Development of curriculum content on mandatory reporting and trauma- and violence-informed care;
  3. Ongoing identification of approaches to curriculum content delivery, based on literature and consultation;
  4. Continuing with systematic reviews of family violence literature to develop draft guidance; the guidance on children’s exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV) is in its final stages and it, along with the draft IPV guidance, will be ready for review at the next NGIC meeting.

We will be following up with the three Leader Tables (Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care, Mandatory Reporting and Education) early this fall in preparation for the next NGIC meeting to be held November 22nd and 23rd, 2016 in Ottawa.

Great news! The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Competency –Based Curriculum on Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Against Women and the related position paper has received WPA Executive Committee for approval and is now posted on the official WPA website at This initiative, led by Donna Stewart, VEGA IPV Review Group Lead, and Prabha Chandra, a Review Group member, will be a useful resource to VEGA in developing family violence curricula.

We are pleased to be providing an overview of VEGA with a keynote presentation at the upcoming Child Welfare League of Canada conference “Collaborating Across Systems: Preventing and Responding to Domestic Violence Against Women and Children” to be held Tuesday, October 18th and Wednesday, October 19th in Richmond, British Columbia.

More soon!


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