VEGA Activity Update – April 2016

Chris Mikton, WHO Technical Officer

VEGA Child Maltreatment Group Coordinating Efforts with the World Health Organization (WHO):

In order to minimize duplication of effort and to maximize resources, the VEGA CM group is coordinating efforts with WHO in the development of guidance related to prevention of impairment and recurrence associated with child maltreatment.

Coordination of efforts between VEGA and WHO entails the following:

  • Shared Expertise
    • Harriet MacMillan, the PreVAiL lead for the VEGA child maltreatment review group, will be co-chairing WHO meetings in 2016 related to WHO’s guideline development of health sector responses to child maltreatment and on responding to sexual abuse of children and adolescents
    • Chris Mikton, WHO Technical Officer, Prevention of Violence, will be a part of VEGA’s child maltreatment evidence review group.
  • Shared Scope
    • Wherever possible and feasible, VEGA and WHO will try to harmonize the scope of their guidelines/guidance. As WHO’s child maltreatment guidelines are specific to the health sector only and the VEGA guidance will address health and social services sectors, VEGA’s scope will be somewhat broader than WHO’s.
  • Sharing of Review Findings
    • The results of all systematic reviews and other knowledge syntheses related to child maltreatment conducted by VEGA will be shared with WHO.
  • Independent Guideline Development Processes
    • The results of the systematic reviews will be separately considered by WHO’s Guideline Development Group and VEGA’s child maltreatment Evidence Review Group. This is because of the differences in the purpose of the reviews: WHO’s guidelines are for a global audience and must therefore consider issues specific to low- and middle-income countries and VEGA must consider issues specific to the Canadian context.

For more information

More information about WHO guidelines for the health sector response to child maltreatment can be found here.

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